Multifamily Real Estate


Resolute Capital and its partners focus on acquiring value-add apartment communities in select markets throughout Texas.  By implementing more efficient management practices while strategically upgrading individual unit features and complex amenities the assets are repositioned within their market to provide residents with an improved standard of living, while delivering increased returns to investors.

Why Multifamily?

  • Multiple rental units under one roof allows for ease of management.
  • Forced appreciation is achieved by increasing NOI (Net Operating Income) via property and amenity upgrades allowing for an increase in rental rates while at the same time reducing expenses through improved management practices.
  • With increasing demand and soaring property values in single family homes, multifamily properties offer a high growth potential.
  • Data shows that the millennial and generation x prefer the flexibility and amenities that multifamily housing offers.
  • Steady and reliable income, even in an economic downturn apartments typically maintain relatively stable vacancy

Why Texas?

Texas growth has far outpaced the nation; boasting five of the nations eleven fastest-growing cities in 2016.  Currently ranked second in population growth, Texas is expected to grow to 33.3 million residents through 2030, which would represent a 59.8% increase in population since 2000.

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